In the Press

In The Press

The Nova Clinic is internationally recognized by the press for its expertise with cosmetic treatments, wellness programs and overall health services. Following are some of the excerpts of the Nova Clinic being featured in the local and international media.

Why Are Women Getting Botox Done Earlier Than Ever?

If you had told me when I was 21 that people my age would soon be getting Botox done without a second thought, I would’ve said you were mad..

Caitlyn Jenner's Plastic Surgeon Was Just In Dubai And Here Is Why That's Important

An MOU between the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs Dubai (GDRFA-D) was signed this week to promote medical tourism here in Dubai..

Dubai’s King of Botox shows he has a lot more in his locker

Dr Jaffer Khan says he also does a lot of work on trauma patients and people who need reconstructive surgery, in addition to donating a percentage of his business revenue to charity..

Treatment Tryout - Testing, Testing

With so many clinics and spas vying for your attention, knowning which health tests and beauty treatments are worth your dirhams..

Our Top Picks: 10 Things To Do In The UAE This Long Weekend

Getting a facial is always a bit of a treat, but having one that uses a gold mask? Now that’s luxury..

Saving Face: Savoir Flair’s Guide to the Best Facials in Dubai

Whether you’re after a brightening boost, a refreshing pick-me-up, or just a good old deep cleanse..

The Guy Who Basically Invented the Brazilian Butt Lift Spills His Plastic Surgery Secrets

He's a plastic surgeon to the stars and perfected the Brazilian Butt Lift as we now know it..

The Hollywood Facial

Is this new laser therapy at Nova Clinic the secret to perfect skin?

Saving Face: Savoir Flair’s Guide to the Best Facials in Dubai

..تقدم عيادة NOVA من Aesthetics عالج

Can a Feminist Have Botox?

Ten years ago, I had a nose job..

The Imitation Game

In the name of beauty gain without the pain, the EB team goes in search of no-needle alternatives to surgery for a quick fix before your big day

Vogue Man - Dr. Khan Interview

The desire to look younger, feel good and better compete at work are driving more and more men to go under the knife

Grazia - Face Art Coverage

Think fillers are just for your lips? Meet the surgeon whose Face Art procedure can craft you a new nose.

Emirates Woman - Dr. Khan Interview

Dark circles, sagging skin or just plain exhausted? We speak to the UAE's top health and beauty gurus.

Emirates Woman - Dr. Mendieta Interview

If designer derriere is all you desire, this month you can make it happen at the Nova Clinic..

Men's Health

There are two main things to know about the new Forever Young BBL treatment at Nova Clinic: first, it hurts; and second, it works.

Women's Health

Dr. Miguel Stanley, the first step is to book a consultation to design your new smile.

Women's Health

Forever young works, creating a glow and removing sun spots.

Vogue Arabia

The Effective New Way to Plump Your Lips With Natural Results